Ideal Applications for Electric Motors

Due to their affordability, reliability, and flexibility, electric motors are used in countless applications, many of which we encounter daily. Electric motors power many consumer items, from your electric coffee maker to your garage door opener. Electric motors also power many specialized applications we overlook, such as security, medical, robotics, and foodservice. Nearly anything that...
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How Do AC Induction Motors Work?

If you’ve ever turned on a fan during a hot day or complete a load of laundry in your washing machine, you’ve experienced an AC induction motor firsthand. They’re among the most versatile and commonly used motors in the world and one of the many types of electric motors we customize to meet your needs....
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Are Electric Motors Reliable

Electric motors are mechanically simple devices with a relatively small number of moving parts. This, combined with their low vibration output, makes electric motors very reliable power supplies if used properly and within their specified ratings limits. In applications where either electric or combustion motors are viable options, the electric motor is often the more...
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Are Electric Motors Waterproof?

The vast majority of electric motors are not waterproof, largely because it is not necessary for the application in which they are used. It is possible to create a waterproof electric motor.  However, waterproofing comes with added costs while also limiting overall performance. These costs are often only worthwhile for specific applications, such as pumps...
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Fractional Horse Power Motors

Reliable & Application-Specific Fractional Horse Power Motors Fractional horse power motors-sometimes called sub-fractional horse power motors-are typically used in smaller applications, including medical devices that must dispense medication or perform a vital health function consistently and reliably. As tiny as these motors can be, they use a precisely designed gear system to perform efficiently and...
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Capacitor Start/Run Induction Motors vs. Resistive Start Induction Motors

Capacitor start / Capacitor run motors are a type of split phase (two phase) induction motor designed to operate from single phase ac power.  Unlike Resistive Start / induction motors, they do not have a start winding that is switched out of the circuit once the motor is running.  Instead, they have two windings with...
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