Fractional Horse Power Motors

Reliable & Application-Specific Fractional Horse Power Motors

Fractional horse power motors—sometimes called sub-fractional horse power motors—are typically used in smaller applications, including medical devices that must dispense medication or perform a vital health function consistently and reliably.

As tiny as these motors can be, they use a precisely designed gear system to perform efficiently and accurately. And just because they are small doesn’t mean they’re simple. These are complex gear motors that require skill, knowledge and experience to get them right.

Delivering High-Quality Fractional Horse Power (HP) Motors

Our customers rely on our team to create motors that meet their high standards and live up their high-quality reputations. When our products function properly, your reputation shines as well.

We take the design and build process very seriously when it comes to these motors. We employ talented engineers in the industry today to ensure our deliverables and standards remain high.

Industries Requiring Exacting Specifications and Performance Choose Power Electric

Time and again, our experts are leaned upon to source high-precision fractional horse power motors. Here is a small sampling of the many types of specialized commercial or industrial applications we have designed and sourced motors for:

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