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Coin & Currency Handling

Proven Solutions for OEM Motors and Gear Motors Used in Coin & Currency Handling Equipment

Electric motors and gear motors used in coin and currency handling equipment are required to operate reliably. Depend on PE to develop a quiet solution using gear boxes for long life and include the torque required to spin currency based on application requirements.

Work with us to develop the accurate and consistent OEM motor or gear motor specific for coin and currency handling applications.

Electric Motor Applications Within The Coin & Currency Handling Industry Include:

Bill Sorters
Bill Acceptors
Coin Sorters
Coin Acceptors
Bill Changers
Auto Teller Machines
Vault Time Locks

Work with Power Electric for your motor and gear motor solutions on your coin and currency handling systems:

Space Configuration Friendly

Features of Power Electric’s OEM Motors for Coin & Currency Handling Equipment:

Green Checkmark  Spur Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Planetary Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Inline Motors
Green Checkmark  Torque, Efficiency and Speed
Green Checkmark  Worm Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Helical Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Hypoid Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Right Angle Gear Motors
Green Checkmark  Spiral Gear Motors
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