Solution Development Plan

Motor and Gear Motor Solution Development Plan

Upgrading or developing new product technology can present tremendously valuable opportunities for OEMs along with potentially significant inherent risks.  Power Electric’s proven 5-step Solution Development Process ensures successful custom motor and gear motor project outcomes while eliminating financial, timing, and sustainability risks for our clients.

Development Plan Overview Graphic
Identify Program Goals
  • Key Application Requirements – Technical
  • Financial Objectives
  • Program Schedule & Milestones
  • Lead Time & Inventory Goals
  • Resource Availability
Create Solution
  • Budgetary Solution Proposal
    • Drawings
    • Performance Specifications
    • Factory Location
    • Develop Timeline
    • Solution Pricing
Concept Validation
  • Test & Approval Plan
  • Deliver Samples
  • Complete Proof of Concept Testing
  • Finalize Design for Production
  • Supply Agreement
Solutions Qualification
  • Build Production Intent Samples
  • First Article Inspection & Approval
  • Complete Qualification Testing
  • Obtain Agency Approvals (if necessary)
Start of Production
  • Define Production Schedule
  • Finalize QC Plan
  • Execute Inventory Plan
  • Inspect & Approve Initial Production Build
  • Ongoing Business Update Meetings
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