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Custom Motors that Make the Difference

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Solving Challenges for OEMs since 1986

Experience Matters

OEMs turn to us to overcome the motor and gear motor obstacles that limit their ability to increase sales of their products. Our success is built upon our proven ability to develop and deliver the optimal solution for each unique client application and our investment in each development program to minimize risk for our clients.

Partner with Power Electric for Custom Electric Motors

Value Beyond the Motor

Design. Sourcing. Quality. Logistics. Support.

Our clients start doing business with us for our technical capabilities and stay with us for our full range of services that continuously save them time, resources, and money. Our motor expertise guides OEMs to the right solution, quickly. Our sourcing and global quality teams ensure delivered products meet stringent QA standards, maximizing field reliability and keeping costs to a minimum. Our Logistics team makes sure our customers ALWAYS have product when they need it, and our flexible inventory programs improve client cash flow. All of this with a local touch.

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Trusted Solutions for Demanding OEM Applications

Our global network of manufacturers, engineers and experts allows us to identify the ideal motor solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

Custom Electric Motors for Material Handling


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Custom Electric Motors for Automatic Doors


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Custom Electric Motors for the Food & Beverage Industry

Food and

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Custom OEM Motors for Medical Equipment


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Motors for Agriculture Equipment


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Custom Electric Motors for Commercial Equipment


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Proven Motor Solutions for OEMs

From developing a motor that differentiates to removing the burden of inventory, Power Electric provides full-scale solutions for critical business challenges facing OEMs:

Common OEM Obstacles….Solved!

  • Improving product quality or performance
  • Streamlining supply chain
  • Increasing cash flow / reducing inventory
  • Eliminating critical component shortages
  • Releasing new products faster
  • Overcoming internal resource limitations
Power Electric Custom Electric Motor Cost Savings
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