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Empowering OEMs for Over Three Decades: Experience the Advantage of Proven Solutions and Dedicated Partnerships. We Tackle Your Critical Motor and Gear Motor Challenges, Unleashing Your Potential for Increased Sales and Innovation. Your Success is Our Investment.

Core Technologies

We develop and deliver high-quality, cost-effective electric motors & gear motors for North American OEMs. Utilizing our engineering and manufacturing expertise in core technologies, we first unravel the core needs of our OEM clients before creating the best possible solutions for their unique applications.

Quickly convert and calculate critical motor performance parameters with our simple tools.

Experience Value Beyond the Motor.

Our comprehensive services save our clients time, resources, and money. Our technology expertise provides OEMs with the optimal solution, quickly. Our sourcing and global quality teams ensure all products meet stringent QA standards, maximizing field reliability and minimizing costs. Our Logistics team makes sure our customers ALWAYS have product when they need it, and our flexible inventory programs improve client cash flow.

Design. Sourcing. Quality. Logistics. Support.

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