Roller Motors

Roller Motors are an excellent way to increase productivity, and when compared to alternative traditional solutions these motors offer space savings, a reduction in parts, and an increase in operator safety by removing all external moving parts. Additionally, these motors offer a reduction in operating costs and increased efficiency when compared to traditional alternatives.

Power Electric has a wide range of available speeds, power, and sizes to meet your application needs. We offer many options for the motors including material options such as mild steel and food grade stainless steel. Additionally, Power Electric offers surface finish options to make sure you have the traction needed to prevent slip and keep your products in motion.

Product Attributes

  • 15 – 3500 W Output Power
  • 24 – 48 VDC, 110/220/380 VAC Versions
  • Stainless or Mild Steel options
  • 0 – 532 Nm (386 ft-lbs) Output Torque
  • 7.6 (1.4m/min) to 821.9 RPM (822m/ min) Output Speed
  • IP40, IP54 options
  • 50 (1.97”) – 216 mm (8.5”) OD frame sizes
  • 260 (10.24”) – 500 mm (19.69”) length range


  • High efficiency compared to alternatives
  • Reduction in size
  • Reduction in parts and maintenance
  • Controlled output speed and braking
  • Optimized to unique application requirements


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