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Planetary Gear Motors

BW Small Diameter Planetary Gear MotorPrecise, High Performance and Dependable Planetary Gear Motor Solutions for OEMs

Planetary Gear Motors = Performance + Precision + Efficiency

Planetary gear motors offer tremendous torque versus speed performance capabilities, extremely high efficiency, low backlash and excellent durability in an inline form factor. Power Electric’s available combinations of motor technologies, frame sizes, gear ratios, and mechanical features result in optimal solutions for nearly any commercial or industrial equipment application.

Power Electric is a trusted supplier of planetary gear motor solutions that are optimized to the unique requirements of each client. Our expertise in motor and gearing technologies enables OEMs to develop, qualify, and implement new gear motor solutions in less time, using fewer internal resources, and with essentially no risk.

Our established internal quality, logistics and inventory teams and global manufacturing network ensure world-class quality solutions that save OEMs money.

Planetary Gear Motors = Performance + Efficiency + Reliability

Planetary gear motors offer tremendous torque versus speed performance capabilities, high efficiency, low backlash and excellent durability in an inline form factor. These performance benefits are a result of the planetary gear design and manufacturing precision and are often an ideal fit for OEMs looking to maximize the capabilities of their machines, especially in these applications:

Medical Tools
Automatic Door Operators
Patient Lift Equipment
Printing Equipment
Commercial Equipment
Hand Surgical Tool
Automatic Swing Door
Brake Fluid Pump

OEM Benefits of Power Electric Planetary Gear Motors:

Green Checkmark  World-Class Quality
Green Checkmark  Unmatched Range of Solutions
Green Checkmark  Maximum Performance Capabilities
Green Checkmark  High Efficiency
Green Checkmark  Local Inventory
Green Checkmark Customized to application requirements

How Planetary Gears Work

The most significant advantage of planetary gearing is that the motor torque is multiplied and transmitted from a central sun gear through multiple orbiting planet gears contained within a large diameter ring gear. This gearing configuration maximizes the gear surface area handling the torque load, resulting in high torque capabilities and long life in relatively small inline form factor. Planetary gear motors are highly efficient due to the utilization of either spur or helical tooth profiles and are generally very effective at retaining lubricant making them an ideal solution for high performance applications.

Advantages of Planetary Gear Motors

Planetary gear motors are a proven solution across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications where OEMs are looking for these advantages:

  • Compact, Inline Form Factor
  • High Torque + Speed Capabilities
  • Long Operational Life
  • High Efficiency
  • Precise Motion
  • Low Backlash

Planetary Gear Motors

Power Electric Planetary Gear Motor Product Range:

A wide range of core gear motor configurations and features provides a nearly limitless range of potential solutions for commercial and industrial OEM applications.  Our expertise in customizing these core configurations to perfectly match each specific client application results in ideal performance at targeted prices.


Rated Output Torque:   0.1 mNm – 120 Nm
Rated Output Speed:     5 rpm – 2000 rpm
Output Power:    3W – 1000W
Rated Current:    <.11 A – 65 A
Gear Ratios:        3:1 – 400:1
Gear Reducer Materials:     Metal, Plastic
Output Shaft Options:      Customizable
Motor Voltages:      3 – 48 VDC, 120 – 400 VAC
Motor Types:     PMDC, BLDC, Stepper, AC Induction
Motor Sizes:     3.4mm dia. – 82mm dia.
Feedback Options:     Hall, Encoder, None
IP Ratings:     IP20 – IP65
Agency Certifications:     UL, CSA, CE

Custom Made Planetary Gear Motors

Work with Power Electric to find the correct planetary gear motor for your specific application. Our planetary gear design and manufacturing capabilities include planetary gear motor designs that meet a range of specifications including:
3 VDC to 400 VAC
5 rpm to 2000 rpm
3.4 mm to 82 mm in diameter
AC,DC, Stepper Motor Options
The mechanical and performance characteristics for electric planetary gear motors can be specially customized to your project’s specific requirements.
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