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Automatic Door Operators

Trusted electric motor and gear motor solutions for automatic door OEMs.

Power Electric has partnered with the world’s leading automatic door operator manufacturers for more than two decades. We take pride in providing door operator OEMs with the most reliable, yet cost effective, gear motor solutions in the industry.

Automatic door manufacturers rely on Power Electric to provide motor and gear motor engineering, design, production, quality, and logistics services. Whether you are kicking off a new R&D project or need to improve an existing product, our technical experts partner with you to identify and deliver the optimal solution for your specific application needs.

Case Studies

Helping OEMs Overcome Motor Related Challenges

Motor performance is critical to the success of any automatic door operator product. Our solutions help OEMs overcome more than motor performance challenges:

  • Product Availability
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Margin Improvement
  • Improved cash flow
  • Increased performance
  • Improving Quality
  • Internal Resource Availability
  • Reducing product development schedule
  • Improving supply chain stability
  • Obtaining agency approvals
  • Inventory Management
  • Qualification Testing

Benefits of Working with Power Electric for Automatic Door Operation Needs

Filling gaps, reducing costs

We fill the engineering, quality, and logistics gaps that may exist within your team so you can stick to your timeline without the cost of bringing on additional personnel.

Maximize performance vs cost

Our “Just-Right” solutions are customized to deliver the product each client’s application demands. We balance performance requirements with budget to arrive at a solution that offers maximum performance at any price point.

Reduce cost, increase quality

We enable automatic door OEMs to leverage global, low-cost motor manufacturing without risking quality or sustainability. Our network of vetted and approved motor factories and quality engineers insure world-class quality and uninterrupted supply.

Financial benefits

We develop and implement client-specific inventory management programs that improve cash flow and free up valuable warehouse space for our clients.

Types of Operators for Which We Design and Source Motors

Power Electric’s extensive global network of qualified motor manufacturing factories allows us to engineer, develop and produce motors for nearly any type of automatic door operator. No matter the application, and no matter the install location (exterior or interior, cold weather or hot weather), you can be confident that the motors you receive from Power Electric will deliver durability, efficiency, and quiet operation without sacrificing power output.

  • Automated barrier operators
  • Automatic gate operators
  • Drive-thru window operators
  • Electric door operators
  • Hydraulic door closers

Types of Motors for Automatic Door Operators

As a Power Electric customer, you’ll have access to virtually every type of motor and gear technology accepted in automatic door operator applications.

Brushed DC (PM) Gear Motors
  • Bevel gearing
  • Hypoid gearing
  • Planetary gearing
  • Spur gearing
  • Worm gearing
Brushless DC (PMDC) Gear Motors
  • Bevel gearing
  • Hypoid gearing
  • Planetary gearing
  • Spur gearing
  • Worm gearing
AC Induction Gear Motors
  • Hypoid gearing
  • Planetary gearing
  • Spur gearing
  • Worm gearing
Hydraulic Door Closers

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Automatic Door Operator Motors

1. What motor/gear motor technologies are trending upward in automatic door operator applications?

Brushless DC motors and brushless DC gear motors are today’s most popular choice for automatic door applications. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the long service life of these motors, their excellent efficiency and the ease with which these motors can be operated via smart devices.

Integrated motor controls are another trend. Packaging the motor driver/controller inside the motor allows for reduced wiring and installation costs, plus it typically provides significant space savings.

Speaking of space savings, OEMs are expressing a strong desire for physically smaller motors that still deliver a punch. To achieve this, Power Electric often customizes drivetrain solutions (motors and gearing) to provide optimal performance while fitting into smaller spaces.

Finally, energy efficient motors are becoming a priority. An OEM can gain a significant competitive advantage by providing highly energy efficient motors. The push toward energy efficiency is driving the evolution of next generation door operators to high-performance (BLDC) motors and gearing solutions.

2. Can Power Electric provide a solution with all necessary agency approvals?

Definitely. We work cooperatively with OEMs from the very beginning of our relationship to fully define the critical requirements of the application, including all necessary agency approvals/markings. This includes RoHS, Reach, UL, CE, and any other approvals that may be necessary. Those requirements are carried through the entire proof of concept, prototype, qualification, and production stages of development.

3. How can Power Electric help us improve our product margins/profitability without sacrificing performance and reliability?

Power Electric does this in several ways:

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