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AC Electric Motors

Find dependable and long-lasting solutions for your small AC electric motor needs.

Electric AC motors are the heart of many of the machines we use everyday. If you can plug it in, it is likely powered by an AC electric motor of some kind. Power Electric offers a full range of small AC motors suitable for nearly every motor application. Whatever your needs, we’re able to manufacture a custom electric motor to fit your exact specifications.

Our electric motor design and manufacturing capabilities include AC motors ranging in a wide variety of specifications.

0.8 volts to 240 volts
1 RPM and up
6 mm to 9 inches in diameter

Common uses of AC electric motors

Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Hot dog cookers
  • Toaster & bagel ovens
  • Coffee & cappuccino machines
  • Food service pumps
  • Syrups
  • Chemical Fluids
Industrial Equipment
  • Water heaters
Commercial Equipment
  • Lawn & garden equipment
Off-Road Motorized Equipment
  • Fans
  • Seating systems

AC Electric Motors FAQ

Are there different types of AC electric motors and designs
Yes. Asynchronous and synchronous motors are the two main categories of AC motor designs. AC electric motors most commonly use asynchronous designs, more specifically AC induction motor design.

What is an AC induction motor?
AC induction motors are the most common form of asynchronous motors. Induction motors are the simplest and most rugged electric motor available. These AC electric motors consist of two electrical assemblies: the wound stator and the rotor assembly.

How does an AC induction motor generate power?
The currents flowing in the rotor are induced by alternating currents flowing in the stator. The resulting electromagnetic effect produces a force (or power) that rotates the motor.

How does Power Electric create custom AC electric motors?
First, we determine the required specs for the electric motor including the necessary voltage, frequency, speed and power. Then, we work with our global network of motor specialists to design and manufacture a custom motor for the specific application.

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