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Offset Shaft Gear Motors

Power Electric Offset Shaft Gear Motors

Performance + Value + Mechanical Flexibility

Offset gear motors utilize traditional inline gear technologies, spur or helical gears, arranged to provide a gear motor package that is shorter in length but taller than a comparable performance inline solution.  This provides clearance for mounting to a drive shaft without interfering with the motor.  Offset gear motors are efficient, provide a wide range of possible gear ratios, and can be made with solid or hollow output shafts making them perfect for commercial food service equipment, patient mobility applications, and smart agriculture solutions.

Power Electric is a proven supplier of Offset gear motor solutions that are optimized to our unique customer requirements. Our expertise in motor and gearing technologies enable OEMs to develop, qualify, and implement new gear motor solutions in less time, using fewer internal resources, and with essentially no risk.


Our established internal quality, logistics, and inventory teams, and global manufacturing network ensure world-class quality solutions that save OEMs time and money.

Offset Gear Motors Optimized for OEMs

Offset gear motors combine durable and efficient gearing technology with a unique form factor that ideally fits “tuck under” drive mechanisms in a range of OEM equipment applications, including:

Ice Making Equipment
Frozen Beverage Machines
Patient Mobility Equipment
Automated Pool Covers
Smart Agriculture Equipment

Motors and Gear Motors for Ice Makers

Drink Machine

Custom Electric Motors for Material Handling




OEM Benefits of Power Electric Offset Gear Motors:

Green Checkmark  World-Class Quality
Green Checkmark  High Efficiency
Green Checkmark  Mechanical Flexibility
Green Checkmark  Cost Effective
Green Checkmark Customized to application requirements
Green Checkmark Local Inventory

Power Electric Offset Gear Motor Options:


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