Off-Highway Vehicle Applications

Rugged and Reliable Motor and Gear Motor Solutions for Off-Road Vehicles

Motorized Off-Road vehicles contend with extreme and highly variable physical and environmental conditions during each use.  Vehicle manufacturers are challenged to identify materials and components that provide the durability and performance they desire while achieving the high-quality standards and cost targets the market requires.

Power Electric offers world-class quality motors and gear motors designed and proven to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of off-road vehicle applications. You can depend on us to facilitate the design, development, and manufacturing of motors and gear motors specifically for your off-road applications quickly, cost-effectively, and reliably.

At Power Electric, we value our partnerships.  Our dedicated support team is always ready to support you throughout the entire development process - from initial consultations to quality and inventory management to post-sales support.  Your success is our priority.


  • Engine Starter Motors
  • Electric Winches
  • Electric Actuation
  • Marine Lifts
  • Hydraulic Pump Motors
  • Marine Steering / Shift
  • Spool Valve Actuation
  • Tarp Drive Systems

Key Attributes

  • World Class Field Reliability
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range
  • Agency Certifications available
  • Cost-effective Manufacturing
  • Internal safety feature options
  • Long life + high-duty cycle operation
  • Highly customizable features
  • Compact, power-dense configurations

Motor Types

OEM Benefits

  • Feature, performance, price optimization
  • Development time and cost minimization
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Agency certifications included
  • Customized solutions without the risk
  • Reduce internal R&D resource consumption
  • Improve cash flow
  • Increase on-time delivery
  • Minimize inventory

Design. Sourcing. Quality. Logistics. Support.

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