Tarp Drive Motors

Rugged DC Gear Motors for Automated Tarp Applications

For customized, reliable, and power-dense gear motor solutions for on and off-vehicle tarp drive systems, OEMs rely on Power Electric's extensive technology offering and expertise to deliver the optimal solution.

Developing and supplying optimized gear motors for extreme operating conditions, field durability, and performance maximization to help tarp system manufacturers differentiate their products from their competition is only the beginning of how Power Electric helps our clients succeed.  We hold inventory, manage quality, solidify supply chain, and handle logistics to help our clients reduce costs, lead time, risk, and resources for the life of their products.

From durable brushed dc gear motors to high-performance brushless dc gear motors with integrated controls, we guide our OEM partners to the feature set that matches their unique application needs, at a cost-competitive price.


  • Side Roll Tarps
  • Flip Tarps
  • Dump Tarps
  • Open Top Trailer Tarps

Key Attributes

  • World Class Field Reliability
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range
  • Agency Certifications available
  • Cost-effective Manufacturing
  • Internal safety feature options
  • Long life + high-duty cycle operation

Motor Types

OEM Benefits

  • Feature, performance, and price optimization
  • Customized solution without the risk
  • Development time and cost minimization
  • Reduce internal resource consumption
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Improve cash flow
  • Agency certifications included
  • Increase supply chain stability
  • Local Support

Design. Sourcing. Quality. Logistics. Support.

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