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5 Critical Partner Selection Criteria when Embarking on a Complex Motor Development Project

New motor design projects require a significant investment of time and talent. They require expertise in electromagnetic design, pre- and post-production tooling, process flow, and quality systems. Partnering with the right companies to integrate all these components is crucial. This article covers the five critical criteria for selecting the right partners for a new motor...
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AC Motors vs DC Motors

Electric motors drive industrial machinery and an array of devices throughout the world. The two main sources of power, alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), are complemented by two types of electric motors that differ in operation and application. Engineers, technicians, and operators must understand the key differences between AC and DC motors to...
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What Is a BLDC Motor?

A brushless direct current motor (BLDC) is a small but powerful type of electric motor that uses direct current as its power source. Because of their size and efficiency, BLDCs are increasing in their popularity and the number of applications they’re used for. What is DC Power? Electrical current is the movement of electrons through...
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How to Control BLDC Motors

Brushed motors are simple and effective but only offer speed control through change in voltage. Brushless motors offer a greater degree of control through a small solid-state computer. Instead of carbon brushes powering the spinning rotor, an internal 3-phase inverter and electronic control are used. How Does a BLDC Motor Work? All electric motors convert...
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Custom Motors vs. Standard Motors

Machine builders have a lot to consider when designing solutions for a specific application. One key consideration is to determine whether it is better to design around a standard, off-the-shelf motor, or to design a custom motor that precisely matches the application requirements. Some essential aspects when comparing standard to custom-built motors include performance, availability,...
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Plastic Planetary Gear Motor Advantages and Disadvantages

Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package, combining high strength, low noise, and great value. They have one or more stages of gear reduction, all in line with the motor shaft with gears made of plastic. The outer body or casing can also be made...
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