5 Critical Partner Selection Criteria when Embarking on a Complex Motor Development Project

New motor design projects require a significant investment of time and talent. They require expertise in electromagnetic design, pre- and post-production tooling, process flow, and quality systems. Partnering with the right companies to integrate all these components is crucial. This article covers the five critical criteria for selecting the right partners for a new motor...
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OEM Benefits to Utilizing PE’s Applications Engineering Expertise

We maintain a staff of degreed engineers with decades of experience in electric motor applications at Power Electric. As such, we collaborate with you to design the motor or gear motor that best meets your technical and quality requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible. Having Power Electric’s deep knowledge and application engineering staff on...
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Motorized Medical Patient Lifts in Two Weight Capacity Models White Paper

Scope Our medical manufacturing client was in design and development phase of their latest ceiling-mount patient lift. Their situation was not typical for most applications as many projects are customized based on customer specifications. This project was different, however, in that they chose a motor design with the power, torque and speed needs for the...
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IP Rating Definitions

Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Ratings) A critical factor to consider when developing specifications for electrical equipment is the range of environments in which the equipment will be operating in. Not only is this understanding important in maximizing the performance, reliability, and life of the equipment but even more essential in ensuring the safety of those...
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Speed vs Torque

The purpose of a rotary motor is to provide a desired rotational output speed while overcoming the various rotational loads resisting that rotational output (Torque). Speed and Torque are directly related, and are the two primary performance factors in properly selecting a motor for a specific application or use. To learn how to select the...
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Agency Listing Information

Important Agency Listing Information When is agency listing appropriate? Agency listings for electric motors are based on a set of codes developed by various private and governmental agencies to regulate safe practices in manufacturing and use of motors. The typical markings required for most electric motor products are placed based on the requirements of each...
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