OEM Benefits to Utilizing PE’s Applications Engineering Expertise

Engineer CollaborationWe maintain a staff of degreed engineers with decades of experience in electric motor applications at Power Electric. As such, we collaborate with you to design the motor or gear motor that best meets your technical and quality requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Having Power Electric’s deep knowledge and application engineering staff on your team brings several benefits to your organization. Here are some key advantages:

Custom Product Development: Whether you are developing a new motor or enhancing an existing one, our application engineers can play a crucial role in the process. Our expertise will help you optimize the motor for your application in less time to market. They will guide you through product design, component selection, prototyping, production, and logistics.

Motor Knowledge: Our engineering team possesses specialized technical knowledge and expertise in the motor field. They understand the intricacies of your industry, the specific applications of your products or systems, and the challenges you may face. Their deep understanding allows us to provide valuable insights, solve complex problems, and optimize the performance of your applications.

Customer Collaboration: Our engineers collaborate, become part of your team, and understand your specific needs and challenges. This collaboration often leads to effective technical solutions, enhanced customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Sample Support throughout the Process: Product samples are an important part of the process. We can quickly turn requirements into samples that will be right for your application. Our staff is hands-on with the factory, reviewing sample performance and quality data. We want to ensure the motor meets all the client's expectations before production.

Right Solution with the Right Factory: We work with several factories worldwide that each have their own capabilities and specialties to support our customers. Once a factory is chosen, our engineers will act as a liaison to ensure quality samples are built and tested. Because we have engineers at our facility in the US and near our vetted factory partners, we are uniquely positioned to ensure your project moves to completion in a timely, efficient manner.

Product Testing and Qualification Ownership: Our team is fully involved with motor testing and analysis. We review the results with the customer and factory and make any adjustments if needed. Our engineers can be onsite for production start-up to ensure there are proper process quality documents in place and the factory is building and testing according to the documentation. In this way, we create a robust, repeatable process for future builds.

Competitive Advantage: Our degreed engineers give you a competitive edge in the market. Their expertise allows you to differentiate your products, optimize performance, and meet customer demands effectively. They stay updated with industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory requirements, keeping your organization ahead of the competition.

Having a Power Electric application engineer on your team brings specialized technical knowledge, customized solutions, problem-solving capabilities, and enhanced customer support. Their expertise can help you optimize your applications, drive innovation, and maintain a competitive advantage in your industry. Contact us to get your customer motor design started.

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