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Smart Agriculture

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Motors for Agriculture Equipment

Durable Motor Solutions Tailored for Precision Ag Applications

As Agricultural Equipment technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the need for durable, cost-effective hardware solutions will never change. Electric motors and gear motors have quickly become the preferred solutions to provide the precision, reliability, and durability that Ag OEMs are continuously striving to achieve.

Power Electric is a trusted partner to Precision Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers fulfilling their demands for high-performance gear motor solutions. Whether the challenge is improving the accuracy of an existing product or finding the optimal motor to drive a new product, our team is focused on supporting our clients from solution development all the way through delivery.

Customized Motor Solutions for a range of Smart Ag Applications:

Key Benefits of Power Electric’s Gear Motor Solutions for Smart Ag OEMs:

Designed to required IP Rating
Planetary, Spur, Hypoid, Spiral bevel, and Worm gear motor options
Brushed and Brushless motors
Compact and designed to fit available space
Durability in extreme operating conditions
Quality Assurance Management
Local Inventory
Cost Competitive

Manufactured for Quality and Ag Industry Standards

Power Electric is proud to be a trusted gear motor solution partner to agriculture equipment manufacturers in North America. Our solutions are manufactured to meet demanding Ag industry standards, with world-class quality, while maintaining globally competitive pricing.

Our global team of experts is ready to develop, supply, and support the best motor or gear motor solution for your project. With an unmatched range of technologies and capabilities, we are committed to proposing only the best solutions available for your specific application, maximizing your program’s probability for success.

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