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AC Induction Motors

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Versatile & Dependable AC Induction Motors to Fit Your Specific Needs

AC induction motors are among the most widely used motors in domestic and industrial applications around the world.

We develop and produce AC induction motors you can trust. They’re a powerhouse for jobs large and small. Whether it’s matching you with the right existing motor or building a custom motor for your unique application, you can count on our years of experience to deliver an AC induction motor you can depend on.

AC Induction Motors: A Workhorse for Any Job

AC induction motors have been around for over one hundred years, powering many of the devices you use daily such as:

Washers and dryers
Ice machines
Foodservice machinery
Air movers


Induction motors work via a stationary magnetic field (stator) surrounding a moving shaft (rotor). AC power running through the stator creates an evenly rotating magnetic field which, in turn, induces the rotor to move. Induction motors are among the most simple and reliable electric motors used worldwide. Their popularity is due to them being:

Easy to repair
Simple to control
Able to provide constant and consistent rotation
Limited in the number of moving parts that can wear

These factors allow for an extremely broad range of uses and applications without high costs or extensive technical modification.

Custom AC Induction Motor Specifications to Fit Your Needs

We have over 30 years of experience matching the right motor to the right job. We have worldwide connections with the finest electric motor producers and a team of experts to modify any of them to your specifications.
Some of the specifications of AC induction motors to consider include:

Let us help you navigate the many options when choosing the right AC induction motor for your project needs.

Power Electric: Your Friendly Induction Motor Experts

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. When you need a powerful and economical motor that delivers big results, an AC induction motor may be just the thing. Call us today at 763-383-6936 or send us a message to see why so many of our clients trust Power Electric with their electric motor needs.

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