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AC Induction Motors

Trusted AC Induction Motor Solutions That OEMs Depend On

AC induction motors are among the most widely used motors in commercial and industrial equipment applications around the world.  They’re a powerhouse for jobs large and small.

We develop, supply, and support AC induction motors and gear motors that OEMs trust. Whether you are designing a new product or trying to get more out of an existing one, our motor experts will guide you every step of the way and deliver the ideal solution you and your customers can depend on.

AC Induction Motors: A Workhorse for Any Job

AC induction motors have been around for over one hundred years and are critical components to a wide range of industrial and commercial equipment:

Automatic Door Operators
Ice Machines
Foodservice Equipment
Floor & Pool Care Equipment

Motors and Gear Motors for Ice Makers

air conditioner pump

Roller Conveyors


Induction motors work via a stationary magnetic field (stator) surrounding a rotating shaft (rotor). AC power running through the stator creates a rotating magnetic field which, in turn, induces the rotor to rotate. Induction motors are one of the most commonly used motors in the world, due to their:

Power range
Relative cost
Ease of repair
Control simplicity

AC Induction Motors offer flexible, rugged, and cost effective solutions to consider for even the most demanding OEM applications.

Optimized AC Induction Motor Solutions For Your Specific Needs

We have over 30 years of experience matching the right motor to the right job. We have developed strong partnerships with world-class electric motor manufacturers across the globe, and utilize our team of motor experts to optimize solutions for your unique application requirements.

Key attributes of AC induction motors to consider include:

Let us guide you through the complex range of potential options to define the ideal AC induction motor solution for your equipment requirements.

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