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Experience Reliability for Medical Devices With Motors and Gear Motors From Power Electric

Equipment that powers the medical industry must be reliable and efficient while working quietly behind the scenes. The motors and gear motors that power this equipment should be built to last using only the highest quality materials that meet industry standards.

At Power Electric, we offer custom small motor and gear motor solutions for medical applications across the industry. Whether you require a custom-built motor to manufacture a new medical device or require multiple gear motors for production, we offer a solution using our team of engineers and sourcing experts.

Features of Power Electric’s OEM Motors or Gear Motors for Medical Applications

Green Checkmark  High Torque for Heavy Lifting
Green Checkmark  Quiet and Efficient Operation
Green Checkmark  Micro Motors For Precision
Green Checkmark  Reliable

The Many Applications of Motors Within the Medical Industry

There are many existing applications for motors and gear motors in the medical industry. Through our extensive global network of manufacturers, we are able to design and source material for applications such as:

  • Hospital beds: Motors and gear motors are used in hospital beds to help lift and manipulate the bed during treatment. These motors must be quiet and high-quality to withstand wear.
  • Electric wheelchairs: Used to aid the wheelchair in its movements, motors must run smoothly for long periods of time.
  • Material handling technology: Items such as syringes and other medical devices must be handled with care using specialized equipment that encompasses various motors and gear motors for transport.
  • Trunk lifts: Motors are required inside of these lifts that are used for the transport of wheelchairs and other medical equipment.
  • Insulin and machine pumps: These pumps require delicate gears and gear motors inside that help facilitate the pumping of insulin and other medication to patients inside and outside of medical facilities.
  • Motion therapy equipment: From treadmills to stationary bikes, motors are used for the manufacturing of physical therapy and motion therapy equipment.

At Power Electric, we offer only the highest quality motors that are built for performance. In the medical industry, equipment must work properly, no matter the scenario. Our team can help you choose the best material for your medical device.

Made to Withstand the Demands of the Medical Industry

We are proud to offer motors and gear motors that are manufactured to withstand the demands of such a critical industry. These demands include exact specifications and high standards for motors that are used in skilled-care facilities and other settings. Electric motors and gear motors must be quiet and efficient while offering the strongest reliability for the safety of all.

We produce and source only the most durable and cost-effective OEM motors and gear motors for your specific medical devices.

Contact Our Sales Team to Discuss Your Specific Motor Needs

If you want the best gear motors available for your essential medical applications, reach out to our sales team at Power Electric. Our experts will help you identify which products will meet your needs or source custom motors for your medical devices. Contact us today for a free quote.

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