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Brake Fluid Pump

Compact and Reliable Electric Motor Solutions for Pump OEMs

Whether dispensing chemicals, adhesives, lubricants or pulling a vacuum, electric motor reliability and efficiency differentiate market leading pump solutions.

When you can’t compromise on quality, durability or reliability, look to Power Electric. We provide cost-effective AC and DC motor solutions optimized to your unique pump specifications.

Trusted Pump Motor Solutions For Challenging Applications

We’ve been developing, supplying, and supporting motor and gear motor solutions for pump OEMs for over 30 years. Our experience, range of applicable technologies, ability to customize designs, world-class quality and inventory and logistics management capabilities make Power Electric a trusted partner to our OEM clients. Work with Power Electric from development through delivery of differentiating motor solutions across a variety of pump applications:

Dispensing Oil Pump

Air Conditioner Pump

Electric Motors for Pumps

Why Choose Power Electric to Design Your OEM Pump Motor?

We earn the trust of our customers and develop long term partnerships. We deliver world-class quality in every solution we develop, which our clients have come to expect in every application Power Electric is involved in. Our engineering teams design for durability, reliability and the perfect fit to our client’s application needs, which also saves them money.

Reduce your risk on your next high-volume motor project by relying on our technical experience, quality management, and global sourcing expertise to get you from idea stage to implementation stage, seamlessly.

Our OEM motors for pump applications are:

Green Checkmark  Compact
Green Checkmark  High Efficiency
Green Checkmark  Reliable
Green Checkmark  Designed for Extreme Environments
Green Checkmark  Agency Certified
Green Checkmark  Available in AC & DC from 0 – 2 HP


What You Can Expect From Our Custom Motor Process

Our application-development process ensures that we build your pump gear motor exactly as you need it. We will work with you throughout the entire process from design to implementation.

First, you will meet with our engineers to discuss your exact requirements, priorities and budget. We’ll discuss again, pre-production, to develop your timeline, test plans and determine quality control parameters.

After we agree on your design specifications we will source your motor from previously -vetted manufacturers. We work only with manufacturers with whom we have a trusted relationship. These suppliers have met our high standards for quality craftsmanship and extreme reliability.

Finally, we will provide you with a transparent pricing proposal in a straightforward and easy-to-read packet. It will include the unit cost for samples and production quantities, lead times for both, applicable NRE charges and any agency certification charges.

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