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Cyclone Gear Motor Reducer for Robotic ApplicationsCompact, high-performance electric motor and gear motor solutions for robot applications

As manufacturers around the globe increase their utilization of robots to meet market demands on quality, price, and leadtime for their products, robot manufacturers must continuously improve the capabilities of their solutions to maintain their competitive advantage in a rapidly expanding market.

Motors and gearing are two of the most critical components in the overall performance and capability of any robot. Not only do they dictate the speed, load capacity, precision, operational life and size of the robot, but they also significantly impact the overall cost.

OEMs partner with Power Electric to facilitate the design, development, and manufacturing of motors and gear motors specifically for Robot, AMR/AGV, and Gripper applications.

We understand that as critical components motors and gear motors must provide performance and reliability in smaller packages that cost less. Work with us to develop the optimal gear motor solution for your specific robot platform.

We’ll work with you and deliver cost-effective motor and gear motor solutions designed to meet the exact performance and dimensional requirements for your unique robot application.

Robot Segments with Critical Electric Motor Applications Include:



Robotic Grippers

Robotic Grippers



Proven technologies optimized for your specific OEM robot application.

Power Electric’s Core Product Capabilities for Robot Applications Include:

Green Checkmark  Brushless DC Motors
Green Checkmark  Cycloidal Gear Reducers
Green Checkmark  Integrated Wheel Motors
Green Checkmark  Micro Motors and Gear Motors

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At Power Electric we are committed to providing the guidance, support, and service you need to source motors for any size or type of application. Speak with a member of our sales team.

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