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Right Angle Worm Gear Motors

Power Electric’s Extensive Range of Worm Gear Motors for OEMs

Right Angle Worm Gear MotorsWorm Gear Motors = Compact Size + Extreme Torque

Worm gear motors provide unmatched torque density which enables OEMs to develop smaller, more powerful and highly reliable machines. The available combinations of motor technologies, frame sizes, gear ratios, and mechanical features results in optimal solutions for nearly any commercial or industrial equipment application.

Power Electric is a trusted supplier of worm gear motor solutions that are optimized to the unique requirements of each client. Our expertise in motor and gearing technologies enables OEMs to develop, qualify, and implement new gear motor solutions in less time, using fewer internal resources, and with essentially no risk.

Our established internal quality, logistics and inventory teams and global manufacturing network ensure world-class quality solutions that save OEMs money.

Worm Gear Motors = Maximum Torque + Compact Size

Worm gear motors provide unmatched output torque capabilities, high durability, and an extremely small right angle form factor. The unique combination of torque, size, reliability and competitive price point makes worm gear motors an ideal fit for many OEM applications:

Patient Lift Equipment
Conveyor Drives
Smart Agriculture Solutions
Ice Making Equipment
Commercial Equipment
Electric Motors for Pumps
Right Angle Worm Gear Motors for Lifting Hoists
Motors and Gear Motors for Ice Makers

OEM Benefits of Power Electric Worm Gear Motors:

Green Checkmark  World-Class Quality
Green Checkmark  Unmatched Range of Solutions
Green Checkmark  Maximum Torque Density
Green Checkmark  Cost Effective
Green Checkmark Customized to application requirements
Green Checkmark Local Inventory

Power Electric Worm Gear Motor Product Range:

A wide range of core gear motor configurations and features provides a nearly limitless range of potential solutions for commercial and industrial OEM applications.  Our expertise in customizing these core configurations to perfectly match each specific client application results in ideal performance at targeted prices.


Rated Output Torque:   0.5Nm – 132Nm
Rated Output Speed:     20rpm – 260 rpm
Output Power:    3W – 410W
Rated Current:    <2A – 22A
Gear Ratios:        10:1 – 350:1
Gear Reducer Materials:     Metal, Plastic
Output Shaft Options:      Single, Double, Hollow
Motor Voltages:      12 – 48VDC, 120 – 400VAC
Motor Types:     PMDC, BLDC, AC Induction
Motor Sizes:     24mm dia. – 135mm dia.
Feedback Options:     Hall, Encoder, None
IP Ratings:     IP20 – IP65
Agency Certifications:     UL, CSA, CE

Worm gears look like a screw with threads that mesh with a larger gear. Several worm gear rotations per one gear rotation make this a great choice for single stage reduction speed needs.

Download spec sheets here:

Spec Sheet – 32mmSpec Sheet – 40mmSpec Sheet – 50mm

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