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Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motor

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Introducing the new Power Electric
Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motor

This gear motor is the latest addition to the customized gear motor arsenal Power Electric has to offer.

We designed this right angle gear motor with a hypoid gear system. Hypoid gears bring distinct heavy load bearing capabilities and provide extremely efficient operation.

This gear motor is available elsewhere on the market but we’ve made it better for your bottom line. We’ve eliminated factory overhead and large corporation expenditures to give you a better return on your ROI.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and service provided to our customers. We focus on personalized, individual attention to each and every customer because we can! We have a large offering for your gear motor needs.

Improve your ROI

Our long-standing relationships garner the best value in the industry giving you top ROI on finished products.

Multiple applications

The benefits of this gear motor work everywhere: low noise, high efficiency, strong durability.


We have an established tradition of high quality gear motors. Our suppliers are vetted through annual audits.


Thirty years in the business gives us the experience and knowledge to successfully complete your gear motor project.

Store Brand

Don’t pay for a logo. Our gear motors are store brand price with name brand quality.


Keep the quality, lower the cost and add your own specifications. We customize everything.

hypoid gear motor

Where are Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motors Used

This type of right angle gear motor is commonly used in ice making equipment and automatic door operators.
We also know this gear motor can easily be used in many other industries because of its:

Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motor Features

  • Compact size with motor and gear box all one piece to fit into your application.
  • Hypoid gears provide extremely efficient operation.
  • Fully-customized for customer requirements regarding food-grade lubrication.
  • Specifications are adjustable based on application requirements.
  • Value-priced for your ROI.

Hypoid Right Angle Gear Motor Specifications

  • Rated Torque: 21Nm
  • Rated Speed: 8rpm
  • Rated Current: 0.45A
  • Noise: 45dB
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Gear Ratio: 200:1
  • Duty: s1 (continuous)

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