Right-Angle Gear Motors

Compact and Reliable Right-Angle Gear Motor Solutions…Optimized.

Right Angle Worm Gear Motors

Right-angle gear motors are utilized across hundreds of industries in a variety of applications. They are commonly selected for automated equipment applications with tight space limitations and high torque requirements but can also provide unique performance and cost advantages over in-line or offset gear motor solutions.

Power Electric is a trusted supplier of an extensive range of right-angle gear motor solutions that are optimized to the unique requirements of each client’s application.  Our expertise in motor and gearing technologies enables OEMs to develop, qualify, and implement new gear motor solutions in less time, using fewer internal resources, and with essentially no risk.

Power Electric’s Right-Angle Gear Motor Product Range Includes:

12-48 VDC; 120-400 VAC Options
0.5 – 360 Nm (3,100 in-lbs) Output Torque
AC Induction, Brushed or Brushless DC Motors
Worm, Hypoid or Bevel Gearing

Unmatched Flexibility

OEMs across nearly every automated equipment market design critical applications around right-angle gear motors not only because of their size and performance, but because of the nearly limitless combination of features they offer. This solution flexibility enables OEMs to optimize the gear motor for their machine rather than optimizing their machine for their gear motor. Power Electric has become a leader in developing right-angle gear motor solutions for OEMs in a number of applications and industries:

Automatic Door Operators
Ice Making Equipment
Patient Lifts
Commercial & Industrial Pumps
and many more…

Motors and Gear Motors for Ice Makers

Drink Machine



Hypoid and Worm Gear Motors:

Two of the most commonly implemented right-angle gear motors, hypoid and worm gearing are similar in concept, but offer different advantages to OEMs. Worm gear motors are extremely compact and provide un-matched torque density despite efficiency limitations, where hypoid gear motors offer higher efficiency but slightly less torque than a comparable worm gear motor. For more information:


Check out our right-angle gear motor application examples:

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