Material Handling Equipment used in Medical Pill Sorting Machinery White Paper


Our customer is a material handling equipment manufacturer requiring a motor with a long lifespan to run their order picking fulfillment systems. This order picking system is customized per their client’s products – specifically pill sorting and packaging. Since the system must be built based on specific warehouse configurations, many space constraints became a factor in motor selection. The goal was to provide more space for their client’s product.

The order fulfillment system is designed to reduce labor costs and speed up packaging during the order picking process while providing rapid ROI and high accuracy levels.


Motor Choice

Our customer used an electric motor design as detailed below:

-Right angle worm gear motor

-The right angle design of this motor provides maximum space allotment for product

-Proven motor developed for automobile applications

-Manufacturer is consistent in quality for this off-the-shelf gear motor


Worm Gear Motor PE403712

-Nominal Torque 1.30Nm

-Nominal Power 11.1W

-No-Load Speed 100 RPM

-Gear Ratio 83/2

-Weight 0.710

-Bi-Directional Rotation


Project Details and Benefits

The customer partnered with Power Electric for our strong gear motor manufacturer relationships, durability of the gear motor provided and the simple cost-effective motor solution. Their need for a budget-friendly gear motor in their order picking fulfillment systems needed to fit a small space and we recommended a right angle worm gear motor.

Power Electric was able to provide a gear motor designed to withstand the rigorous automobile industry for use in their order picking systems.  Our in-house international shipping experts managed all customs, port fees and duties for the customer while our account representatives handled their customized inventory management plan.



Power Electric was tasked with developing a gear motor for order picking equipment to match end-user requirements and allow maximum space for their product. Our customer needed a budget-friendly solution to maintain a high ROI at the warehouses. The gear motor was chosen for its proven capabilities in the automotive industry. High volumes made this a cost-effective solution for our customer while our logistics specialists handled customer inventory demands efficiently.


Benefit from selecting the electric motor ideally suited to your needs. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric gear motors or find support choosing the right product for your application by calling 763-383-6936.


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