Hybrid Stepper Motors

Versatile and powerful, hybrid stepper motors are featured in hundreds of applications for their excellent positioning and speed control capabilities. Compact in design, these motors combine the accuracy of a multi-tooth variable reluctance stepper motor with the efficiency of a permanent magnet stepper motor in one package. The result is precise positioning control, and a higher level of accuracy, torque, and step resolution.

We offer frame sizes ranging from 20 to 85 millimeters square, multiple step angles, wiring configurations, and customizable both mechanically and electrically, resulting in optimal solutions for each unique application. Our OEM hybrid stepper motors are also available with integrated gearing, encoders, lead screws, controls and more. Let’s discuss what the best stepper solution is for your application.

Product Attributes

  • 24VDC
  • Nema 8 – Nema 34 frame sizes
  • 20mNm – 9,200mNm holding torque
  • High-precision ball bearings
  • Rotary or linear configurations
  • Integrated inline or offset gearing available
  • Available with rotary encoder
  • Fully customizable


  • Precise angular positioning
  • Excellent torque vs. size capabilities
  • Compact and customizable designs
  • World-class reliability
  • High-volume, excellent quality manufacturing


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