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Motor Mouth: RAGM Provide High Reduction Capabilities

Right angle worm gear motors are a common choice as a great solution for many applications. They provide great value with high gear reduction and compact size.

The gear train consists of a worm and gear arrangement where the gear is directly connected to an output shaft, or with the gear driving additional stages for greater total reduction. The worm stage alone can provide reduction up to 100:1 with additional reduction coming from additional gear stages.





Right angle gear motors fit in many applications. They have high reduction capabilities needed in a compact package, provide better economic value to your bottom line, and based on gear ratio can resist back driving when the motor is off.


Power Electric works with OEM manufacturing companies throughout the US assisting customers with right angle gear motor solutions for their unique requirements. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric gear motors or find support choosing the right product for your OEM applications by calling 763-383-6936.

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