Gear Motors

Plastic Planetary Gear Motor Advantages and Disadvantages

Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package, combining high strength, low noise, and great value. They have one or more stages of gear reduction, all in line with the motor shaft with gears made of plastic. The outer body or casing can also be made...
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Hypoid Gear Motors

HG mini-type gear motor series uses hypoid gear design and performance.  Both worm gear and bevel gear types have low noise and high efficiency: ENERGY EFFICIENT:  Hypoid gear smaller sliding friction gear offers efficiency up to 98%.  HG series worm gear reducer efficiency ratio increased by 15-40%. COMPACT:  Hypoid gear center distance from the center...
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What Are Gear Motors?

Simply put, a gear motor is an electric motor coupled with a gearbox. In most cases, the addition of a gearbox is intended to limit the speed of the motor’s shaft and increase the motor’s output torque. Gears transform shaft speed and torque at specific ratios, with minimum efficiency losses, which makes it possible to...
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What are Gear Motors Used For?

Electric Gear motors are used in applications that require high output torque and lower output shaft rotational speed, especially where space and available power are limited. This describes a wide range of common equipment applications across multiple industries. From automotive wiper and window motors to hospital beds and patient lifts, robots to conveyor systems, automatic...
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Why are DC Motors Usually Gear Motors

Many battery-operated devices rely on DC motors for power. Because of their high shaft speeds-typically 1500-6000 RPM under load-DC motors are commonly paired with a gearbox. Without the gearbox, the shaft speed of DC motors often exceeds the requirements of most applications. Since many applications require a controllable shaft speed output, many DC motors are...
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Low RPM AC Gear Motors

Many machines that we use every day include an AC motor for dependable power. However, if you are looking for a specific motor to operate your machine’s gearbox, an AC gear motor might be the best choice. At Power Electric, we work with the world’s best manufacturers to source the highest quality gear motors for...
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