Hypoid Gear Motors

HG mini-type gear motor series uses hypoid gear design and performance.  Both worm gear and bevel gear types have low noise and high efficiency:

  • hg-series-hypoid-gearmotor-copyENERGY EFFICIENT:  Hypoid gear smaller sliding friction gear offers efficiency up to 98%.  HG series worm gear reducer efficiency ratio increased by 15-40%.
  • COMPACT:  Hypoid gear center distance from the center of the worm gear reduced 30% therefore HG series reducer sizes become smaller.
  • LOW NOISE:  Bevel gear meshing generally has more than 2 teeth.  Hypoid gears have less than 2.5 teeth meshing, therefore the operating noise of the hypoid gear is less than the bevel gear.
  • HIGH STRENGTH, LONG LIFE:  Hypoid gears have been advanced by the special steel processing technology and carburizing hardening process.  Its strength and life is far greater than the worm gear.  HG series gear reducers used in the design of high-strength box along with increased gear shaft axis drive and high-precision bearing load capacity will give you torque requirements necessary for more demanding applications.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Output axis limits and hollow shafts give the user flexibility and make installation more convenient.


Hypoid Gears are often used in:  transmission of auto and semi-auto equipment applications such as transport, lifting, printing, packing, medicine, food, electronics and many more.  They also are used to support devices such as video production equipment and stage lighting.

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