Brushless Motors

What Is a BLDC Motor?

A brushless direct current motor (BLDC) is a small but powerful type of electric motor that uses direct current as its power source. Because of their size and efficiency, BLDCs are increasing in their popularity and the number of applications they’re used for. What is DC Power? Electrical current is the movement of electrons through...
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How to Control BLDC Motors

Brushed motors are simple and effective but only offer speed control through change in voltage. Brushless motors offer a greater degree of control through a small solid-state computer. Instead of carbon brushes powering the spinning rotor, an internal 3-phase inverter and electronic control are used. How Does a BLDC Motor Work? All electric motors convert...
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How Does a BLDC Motor Work?

Brushless direct current (BLDC) motors work from a design that originated over 100 years ago by Frank Julian Sprague. Over time they have been modified and adapted by numerous engineers to accommodate an ever-growing diversity of applications. They are a simple, compact and powerful type of electric motor commonly found in both industrial and domestic...
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