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Spur Gear Motors Designed to Fit Your Needs

Our specialists have designed custom gear motors for use in many OEM applications and we want to help you next!

Custom electric gear motors offer many operational benefits. If your project requires maximum torque in minimum space, a custom gear motor is right for you. We customize gear motors to meet your noise requirements, be rugged in design and construction, built for durability and run efficiently for longer life.

From Micro Precision, to Durable, Industrial Gear Motors

Trust Power Electric to engineer custom gear motors for your specific need. Our team specializes in designing gear motors, including spur gears, for a wide range of applications and specifications while providing you the best valued solution.

Power Electric is capable of customizing the following gear motor options to find the best value for your no-load and rated custom OEM requirements:

Output Power

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    Types of Gear Motors

    Power Electric's worldwide design and sourcing capabilities give you access to thousands of electric gear motor designs. We have many different gear motor capabilities including:

    Image of Custom Gear Motors
    Custom Gear Motors
    Image of Right Angle Gear Motors
    Right Angle Gear Motors
    Image of Planetary Gear Motors
    Planetary Gear Motors
    Image of AC Gear Motors
    AC Gear Motors
    Image of DC Gear Motors
    DC Gear Motors
    Image of PMDC Gear Motors
    PMDC Gear Motors

    Industries & Applications

    You undoubtedly have specific motor requirements needed for optimum performance and efficiency. Since 1986, we've been working with companies like yours, designing gear motors for unique applications. We're proud to have supplied thousands of custom solutions, in dozens of industries, including:

    Image of Custom Motor Applications

    Custom Gear Motors

    Custom Gear Motors

    Custom built gear motors designed to meet client's exact specifications. Cost-effective solutions built to your print is a smart way to reduce costs and improve the quality of your gear motor.

    Image of Food & Beverage Equipment

    Food & Beverage Equipment

    Food & Beverage Equipment

    Electric motors and gear motors for food and beverage applications including: cappuccino machines, hot and cold beverage dispensers, and hot dog cookers and more.

    Food & Beverage Applications:

    • Hot Dog Cookers
    • Toaster Ovens / Bagel/ Toast
    • Gyros Cookers / Food Warmers
    • Ice Cream Machines /Slush Dispensers
    • Coffee Machines / Cappuccino Machines
    • Popcorn Makers
    • Fryer Lift Baskets
    • Juice Dispensers & squeezers

    Image of Material Handling Equipment

    Material Handling

    Material Handling

    Gear motors for packaging equipment, conveyors and dispensers.

    Material Handling Applications:

    • Package Equipment
    • Conveyors
    • Dispensers

    Image of Industrial Equipment

    Industrial Equipment

    Image of Off Road Motorized Equipment

    Off Road Motorized Equipment

    Image of Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment

    Image of Vending Machines



    Gear motors designed for vending machines for general merchandise, postal stamp, food and drink, and medication dispensing.

    Vending Applications:

    • Bottles, Drink, Food, & Prescription medicine
    • General Merchandise
    • Postal Stamps & Tickets
    • Reverse Vending

    Image of Security and Door Equipment


    Security & Doors

    Gear motors used in security and door applications including: automatic door openers and closers, audio/video automations, and lights.

    Security Applications:

    • Cameras
    • ID Tags
    • Gates
    • Prison Doors
    • Electric Locks
    • Security Lights

    Image of Agriculture Equipment

    Agriculture Equipment

    Agriculture Equipment

    Gear motors for grain conveyors, sprayers and seeders.

    Agriculture Applications:

    • Grain Conveyers
    • Sprayers
    • Seeders

    Image of Automatic Door Operators

    Automatic Door Operators

    Automatic Door Operators

    Gear motors for slide door operators, swing door operators and overhead door operators.

    Automatic Door Applications:

    • Slide Door Operators
    • Swing Door Operators
    • Overhead Door Operators

    Image of Robotics Equipment



    Gear motors for robotic applications including: power drives, servomechanisms, and remote control devices.

    Robotic Applications:

    • Servo Mechanisms
    • Power Drives
    • Remote Control Devices

    Image of Pumps



    Gear motors for food service, fluid dispensing and sprayers.

    Pump Applications:

    • Food Services for juice, cola, or syrup
    • Chemical / Fluid
    • Soap and Water
    • Sprayers

    Image of Commercial Equipment

    Commercial Equipment

    Commercial Equipment

    Gear motors found in business machines such as copiers, scanners, shredders, printers, paint shakers, floor care equipment, lawn and garden equipment and hose reels.

    Commercial Applications:

    • Business Machines / Copiers / Printers/ Shredders / Scanners
    • Paint Shakers & Mixers
    • Floor Care Equipment
    • TV Mounts
    • Lawn & Garden Equipment
    • Hose Reel
    • Pool Pumps, Skimmers, Cleaners, Purifiers

    Image of Marine Equipment

    Marine Equipment

    Marine Equipment

    Gear motors used in boat lifts, trolling motors, electric winches and trim and lift machines.

    Marine Applications:

    • Boat Lifts
    • Trolling Motors
    • Trim & Lift
    • Electric Winch

    Image of Coin and Currency Handling Equipment

    Coin & Currency Handling Equipment

    Coin & Currency Handling Equipment

    Gear motors used for bill and coin sorters, automatic teller machines, vault time locks.

    Currency Applications:

    • Bill Sorters
    • Bill Acceptors
    • Coin Sorters
    • Coin Acceptors
    • Bill Changes (Payout Hoppers)
    • Automatic Teller Machines
    • Vault Time Locks

    Image of Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory Equipment

    Gear motors for lab shakers, lab stirrers, testing and measurement equipment.

    Labratory Applications:

    • Stirrers
    • Shakers
    • Mixers
    • Test & Measurement

    Image of HVAC and Building Automation

    HVAC & Building Automation

    HVAC & Building Automation

    Gear motors for automatic shades, projector screens, heating and ventilation controls and louvers.

    HVAC Applications:

    • Shades /Blinds & curtains
    • White Boards / Projector Screens
    • Heating and Ventilating Controls (Actuators)
    • Louvers

    Image of Ice Equipment

    Ice Equipment

    Ice Equipment

    Gear motors for ice agitators, ice makers, ice packaging and ice dispensers.

    Ice Applications:

    • Ice Agitators
    • Ice Makers
    • Ice Dispensers
    • Ice Packaging

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