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Spur Gear Motors

Customized Solutions for Reliable and Efficient Equipment Operation.

Parallel shaft wormThe flexibility, durability and performance capabilities of spur gear motors make them the preferred solution in countless OEM equipment applications.  A spur gear motor’s relatively simple inline design results in unmatched performance versus cost when compared to other gear motor technologies. Power Electric’s extensive range of spur gear motor product capabilities provides OEMs with dependable solutions optimized to fit their unique application requirements.

How Spur Gear Motors Work

Spur gears are the most common type of gears in use today due to their simplicity, performance capabilities, and economical cost. These gears are mounted on parallel shafts and distribute power through interlocking straight cut teeth that project radially and are parallel to the gear’s axis.  Spur gears are extremely efficient and can provide very high reduction ratios by adding multiple gear stages to the gear train.  The combination of gear stage and gear material options, along with AC or DC motor integration results in a wide range of possible performance capabilities typically best applied in continuous and mid to low duty cycle applications.

Spur Gear Motors = Performance + Value

Spur gear motors provide flexibility, dependability and highly efficient operation in a compact, cost-effective inline solution. This unique combination of performance and cost makes spur gear motors an ideal fit for many OEM applications:

Automatic Door Operators
Food Service Equipment
Hand Tools
Battery Powered Equipment

Brake Fluid Pump

Drink Machine


OEM Benefits of Power Electric Spur Gear Motors:

Green Checkmark  World-Class Quality
Green Checkmark  High-Efficiency
Green Checkmark  Compact Size
Green Checkmark  Cost Effective
Green Checkmark Customized to application requirements
Green Checkmark Local Inventory

Customized Spur Gear Motors

Work with Power Electric to find the appropriate spur gear motor for your specific application requirements. Our design and manufacturing capabilities enable a wide range of spur gear motor designs that can be optimized around key characteristics, including:

Speed vs. Torque Performance
Mechanical Features
Motor Type
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