Ideal Applications for Electric Motors

Due to their affordability, reliability, and flexibility, electric motors are used in countless applications, many of which we encounter daily. Electric motors power many consumer items, from your electric coffee maker to your garage door opener. Electric motors also power many specialized applications we overlook, such as security, medical, robotics, and foodservice. Nearly anything that needs to move is a possible application for an electric motor.

Specialized Applications for Electric Motors

When the average person thinks of an electric motor, they may picture their vacuum cleaner, power tools or appliances. While these are fine, there are many electric motor applications that we interact with every day, often without realizing it. These more specialized applications include:

Medical Appliances

Medical Equipment

Electric motors are integral to medical equipment such as MRI machines, surgical robots, patient lifts, infusion pumps, and diagnostic instruments. They enable precise and controlled movements in medical devices. By offering custom small motor and gear motor solutions specifically designed for medical devices, Power Electric can support designers and manufacturers in developing medical equipment that meets the unique needs of patient treatment, mobility, and rehabilitation.

Robotic Grippers


Electric motors serve as actuators in robotics and automation systems. They enable precise and controlled movements, allowing robots to perform tasks in manufacturing, assembly lines, and other industrial processes. Continuous improvement in robot performance is essential to meet customers’ evolving needs. This includes increasing speed, accuracy, payload capacity, reach, and overall efficiency. Enhancing the capabilities of motors, gear motors, and control systems can contribute to improved robot performance.

Pizza Oven w/ Electric Motors

Foodservice Equipment

Electric motors power the food and beverage equipment we rely on daily, from the coffee maker on your counter to the large-scale restaurant equipment. Just about any time we eat or drink anything, an electric motor plays a role in cooling, heating, or preparing it. Motors in foodservice equipment must be durable, reliable, and often designed to withstand the demanding operating conditions commonly found in commercial kitchens.

Overhead Doors

Automatic Door Operators

Automatic door operator motors are specifically designed to power and control the opening and closing of automatic doors. These motors play a vital role in the smooth and efficient operation of various types of automatic doors, including sliding, swing, revolving, and overhead doors. The motors used in automatic door operators must be durable, capable of handling frequent usage cycles, and designed to withstand varying environmental conditions

Floor Scrubber

Industrial Machinery

Electric motors power numerous industrial machines, such as pumps, compressors, conveyors, mixers, and industrial robots. They provide the necessary mechanical motion for these machines to perform their functions efficiently.

AC Unit

HVAC Systems

Electric motors are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for fans, blowers, and pumps. They facilitate the circulation of air, water, or refrigerant, enabling temperature regulation and air movement in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Off Road Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles require rugged, durable motors and capable of delivering high torque and power. Whether it's powering the vehicle's movement, enhancing traction, assisting in suspension adjustments, providing winching capabilities, assisting with steering, or operating auxiliary systems, motors are integral components that contribute to off-road vehicles' performance, reliability, and versatility.

Roller Conveyor

Material Handling

Motors play a crucial role in material handling machines, providing the power and control necessary for lifting, moving, and manipulating heavy loads and materials. These machines are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and logistics operations. In material handling machines, motors must be robust, reliable, and capable of handling heavy loads and frequent operation.


Smart AG

Motors used in smart agriculture should be durable, energy-efficient, and designed to withstand outdoor conditions and varying power sources. They may incorporate variable speed control, remote monitoring, and compatibility with smart farming platforms to enable seamless integration into modern agricultural practices.

Air Conditioner Pump

Pumps and Fluid Handling

Electric motors power countless pumps and fluid handling mechanisms. Any time a fluid is moved or dispensed; it is likely done so by an electric motor. This includes the soap dispenser in the washroom at work, chemical sprayers for lawn treatments and even the soda dispenser at your favorite fast-food restaurant.

Security Camera

Security Equipment

Electric motors play a vital role in security and safety applications, including electric turnstiles, automatic gates, electric door locks, lights and scanning systems and more. By powering security equipment, electric motors make it possible to maintain safety and control access in a wide range of environments.

Ice Maker

Ice Equipment

Those who enjoy an ice-cold beverage or freshly delivered foods have electric motors to thank. From ice makers and dispensers to ice agitators and ice packaging machines, electric motors power many applications that quench our thirst or feed our hunger.

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