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What are Gear Motors Used For?

Gear motors are used in applications that require lower shaft speed and higher torque output. This describes a wide range of applications and scenarios, including many of the machines and equipment we interact with on a daily basis. From ATV wipers to hospital beds, servo mechanisms to packaging equipment, paint mixers to juice dispensers, gear…
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Plastic Planetary Gear Motor Advantages and Disadvantages

Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package, combining high strength, low noise, and great value. They have one or more stages of gear reduction, all in line with the motor shaft with gears made of plastic. The outer body or casing can also be made…
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Adjustable Bed Case Study

Adjustable Bed Manufacturer Relies on Power Electric to Handle Customs and Logistics Power Electric provides cost-effective and globally-sourced gear motor solutions for electric adjustable beds. Motorized adjustable beds provide ease-of-use for caregivers in hospital and at home by automatically adjusting for comfort, medical treatments and support. This customer manufactured beds with built-in massage arms. Per…
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Case Study: Wireless Cardiac Diagnostics Products Use PM Stepper Motor from Power Electric

Our medical device customer had previously been working with an electric motor company to manufacture their specific permanent magnet stepper motor with gear box as well as manage the cable assembly process at the value added center. The motor manufacturer shut down the factory that handled assembly of the cables and our customer needed a…
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Material Handling Equipment used in Medical Pill Sorting Machinery White Paper

Scope Our customer is a material handling equipment manufacturer requiring a motor with a long lifespan to run their order picking fulfillment systems. This order picking system is customized per their client’s products – specifically pill sorting and packaging. Since the system must be built based on specific warehouse configurations, many space constraints became a…
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Trunk Mount Mobility Lift Motor and Gear Motor Options

Product and Customer Intro Power Electric provides cost-effective and globally-sourced motor solutions for trunk-mounted medical mobility equipment lifts. These trunk mount lifts provide the user a quick and easy-to-use system for transport of their wheelchair or scooter. Trunk mount lifts are permanently attached to the vehicle and must be equipped with motors and gear motors…
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Case Study: Small DC Motor Used in Orthodontic Vibrator

This customer manufactures an oral activator that generates pulses for tooth remodeling in patients wearing orthodontic braces. New to the dental industry, this patient-use orthodontic tool shortens the length of time braces are on the teeth. Small Electric Motor Requirements Consistent speed Controlled power Able to create a vibrating movement Motor Selection DC Motor Rated…
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Motorized Medical Patient Lifts in Two Weight Capacity Models White Paper

Scope Our medical manufacturing client was in design and development phase of their latest ceiling-mount patient lift. Their situation was not typical for most applications as many projects are customized based on customer specifications. This project was different, however, in that they chose a motor design with the power, torque and speed needs for the…
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