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Cost Reductions Result of Customization

Ice is an important part of our daily lives. Not only is it a necessity in the summer, but in the cold months too. It keeps food fresh and our drinks cold. At Power Electric we understand the strict requirements ice machines must adhere to and with our customization capabilities, we are confident we will…
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One-Stop Shop: Assembly and More

The OEM is an automatic door opener manufacturer. Automatic doors add customer convenience, security and improved traffic flow to commercial and industrial applications. The Challenge Motor purchased from one manufacturer, gear box manufactured by another When motor and gear box were assembled, the resulting quality issues had fingers pointing in all directions Quality issues Seems…
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Newer Technology Offers Continuous Run, Long Life Gear Motor

Slushies:  flavored frozen drink, a staple of summer, a favorite treat at the convenience store. For this commercial slush machine manufacturer:  the gear motor component with a high rate of failure. Power Electric provided a new solution for their gear motor and has more than a ten-year proven service history. We offered a different gear…
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Food Service Equipment Motor Price Dropped by PE

Our food service equipment manufacturer worked with a motor manufacturer already. We approached them with an opportunity to obtain better pricing while maintaining their current quality and performance. We worked with our contracted manufacturers and priced a motor with the same form, fit and function as their previous motor. The quality was unchanged, the performance…
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Case Study: Saving the Factory

Delivery Issues Solved by Motor Company Our customer’s US-based motor manufacturer was causing problems with late deliveries. It was costing the customer time and money as well as causing major downtime in their own factory. They contacted Power Electric looking for help. Power Electric’s reputation for quality products that deliver on time, the custom engaged…
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Diversity in Motor Manufacturers

Have you come across a motor supplier who was unable to provide the exact motor you needed? They found something close but not quite what you need which forced you to consider redesigning your application. It cost you time, money and production. Sounds frustrating and we get it. We’ve been selling motors for thirty years…
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Manufacturing Space Issue Solved by Motor Company

We all know manufacturing space is an important piece of business. When space runs out alternatives have to be made to reorganize and prioritize, including potential added space at immense cost. Our customer manufactures automatic doors and we have supplied motors to this customer for some time. Their manufacturing space was filling fast and their…
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Commercial toaster oven motors priced for the bottom line

Picture it. You’re walking a neighborhood street in NYC. You spy a sandwich shop. The one that makes your sub sandwich in front of you, with all your favorite toppings. The one that toasts bread and melts cheese in the conveyor oven and before you even see your sandwich, the aroma hits you. Your mouth…
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Adjustable Bed Case Study

Adjustable Bed Manufacturer Relies on Power Electric to Handle Customs and Logistics Power Electric provides cost-effective and globally-sourced gear motor solutions for electric adjustable beds. Motorized adjustable beds provide ease-of-use for caregivers in hospital and at home by automatically adjusting for comfort, medical treatments and support. This customer manufactured beds with built-in massage arms. Per…
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Case Study: Wireless Cardiac Diagnostics Products Use PM Stepper Motor from Power Electric

Our medical device customer had previously been working with an electric motor company to manufacture their specific permanent magnet stepper motor with gear box as well as manage the cable assembly process at the value added center. The motor manufacturer shut down the factory that handled assembly of the cables and our customer needed a…
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