Case Study: Wireless Cardiac Diagnostics Products Use PM Stepper Motor from Power Electric

Our medical device customer had previously been working with an electric motor company to manufacture their specific permanent magnet stepper motor with gear box as well as manage the cable assembly process at the value added center. The motor manufacturer shut down the factory that handled assembly of the cables and our customer needed a new source for both the motor and assembly since it was not their core competency.

Our customer was looking for a supplier with a low-cost motor with precision positioning in the same configurations they had been using, while also providing the cable assembly required for their wireless cardiac diagnostics tools. Through our previous strong relationship with our customer’s chosen manufacturer, we were able to retain the motor cost plus provide cable assembly in our own value added center.

Through our logistics and inventory management system we were also able to provide a customized solution to the customer’s inventory management processes, as the motor manufacturer was only built to order. Our customer is assured knowing their inventory is housed in our facility on U.S. soil which helps save them space at their own.

Electric Motor Requirements

-Low cost
-Precision positioning
-No changes from previous motor specifications
Value added services

Motor Selection

Permanent magnet stepper motor with gear box
-12v, unipolar constant voltage
-24 steps per revolution
-Short motor length

Power Electric works with medical device companies throughout the U.S., assisting our customers with solutions for their projects. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric motors or find support choosing the right product for your application by calling (763) 383-6936.


This motor works well in medical tools, XY tables, printers, scanners, fax machines, coin sorting equipment, bill sorting equipment and more.


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