Power Electric Announces New Addition to Planetary Gear Motor Offerings


Power Electric is excited to announce the plastic casing small planetary gear motor is now added to our product offerings for our customers. This “micro” motor is typically used in precise machining tools such as medical instruments, industrial actuators, automatic blinds and more.

This line of small plastic planetary gear motors has important features:

  • The plastic casing planetary gear motor runs quiet making it a perfect fit for applications requiring minimum noise output.
  • Using plastic in place of metal reduces cost helping your bottom line.
  • “Micro” size save space in final application

Benefits of using planetary gear motors in your application:

  • Wide range of sizes ranging from 6 mm to 42 mm
  • High overload capacity – load-sharing with multiple gears
  • High torque for your power needs

Let us customize this plastic casing small planetary gear motor for your current and future applications. With our competitive pricing, helpful engineers and valuable customer support Power Electric is committed to providing innovative and superior resources for your OEM electric motor needs.

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