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Obtain Accuracy and Position Control with Stepper Motors

A step motor is a motor type with a permanent magnet rotor and a stator wound with two independent windings. By alternating the direction of current flow through these windings, the motor will move in discrete “steps”. The size of the step varies with the construction of the motor. With the help of a step motor controller, accurate speed and position control can be attained

Right Angle Worm Gear Motors

Right angle worm gear motors are a common choice as a great solution for many applications. They provide great value with high gear reduction and compact size. Read on for advantages and disadvantages on this type of motor.

Benefits of Having an Application Engineer on Our Team

Let's talk about all the reasons why it's important to have an engineer on your team helping work on your application specifications and motor decisions and designs. We pride ourselves as one of the few motor suppliers with experts right here.

Brushless or Brushed Motors: Examining Options

We’re discussing the benefits of choosing a brushless motor (BLDC) over traditional brushed motors and how one versus the other works in the HVAC industry. Talk with our team about the solution that’s right for your application.

Plastic Planetary Gear Motors

Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package combining high strength, low noise and great value. These features make this gear motor a good choice in various applications, as detailed below.

Power Electric was founded in 1986 with the desire to help customers across a range of industries find expert solutions and guidance for their OEM motor needs. Three decades later, we’ve grown into a global leader in electric motor solutions by continuously providing the highest level of customer service to our clients. Our growth can be contributed to our core value of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

No matter your project’s requirements, trust our years of experience to provide the exact solution for your specific OEM motor or gear motor application.

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