Newer Technology Offers Continuous Run, Long Life Gear Motor

Slushies:  flavored frozen drink, a staple of summer, a favorite treat at the convenience store. For this commercial slush machine manufacturer:  the gear motor component with a high rate of failure.

Power Electric provided a new solution for their gear motor and has more than a ten-year proven service history. We offered a different gear motor design with a ball, needle and thrust bearing technology designed to improve life span of the gear motor threefold. This gear motor used a high- and low-temperature grease to meet varying viscosity requirements for improved lubrication.

In addition to providing the customer a better quality gear motor, we also provided better value through our long-standing relationships with contracted manufacturers.

If you’re interested in finding out more information on this gear motor design, please contact our in-house engineers.

Power Electric works with food preparation equipment companies throughout the US, assisting customers with motor and gear motor solutions for their projects. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric motors or find support choosing the right product for your food and beverage applications by calling 763-383-6936.


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