Diversity in Motor Manufacturers

Have you come across a motor supplier who was unable to provide the exact motor you needed? They found something close but not quite what you need which forced you to consider redesigning your application. It cost you time, money and production.

Sounds frustrating and we get it.

We’ve been selling motors for thirty years and we’ve never worked with just one factory. Why? Just one factory isn’t enough. We make sure the options exist to get a motor exactly how you need it. If one factory can’t manufacture to all your necessary requirements, we look to one of our other sources. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you a diversified solution for your motor and gear motor specifications. When we work on your design application we look at our broad base of technology and list of manufacturers who we have vetted and have long-standing, contracted relationships.

Power Electric continues to lead the industry in motor and gear motor design, delivery and management. We are your trusted partner for all your gear motor needs. Contact us today to find out how well we fit you.


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