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Brushless Electric Motors

High quality brushless motors designed specifically for your project.

Brushless DC Motors (BLDC motors) provide a higher speed range, better thermal performance, and higher power density compared to DC brushed motors. Since there are no carbon brushes or copper commutator, the only wear items in the motor are the bearings, making the BLDC motor far superior when long operating life is required. If your application requires a high duty cycle and quiet operation, a Brushless Motor (BLDC) may be the ideal solution.

DC powered, brushless motors not only provide superior life and power density but are also more efficient and offer more precise motion control than their brushed DC counterparts. We offer a wide range of BLDC motor solutions for small industrial and commercial equipment applications.

Brushless Electric Motors

Trust Power Electric to design and manufacture brushless motors to meet your exact specifications. We offer 6 mm to 200 mm inner and outer rotor brushless motors with the option of built in or custom controlling features.

No matter your project’s requirements, we can customize a brushless motor to meet the needs of your application.

DC powered, brushless motors are more efficient and longer lasting than their brushed counterparts. They’re quieter, lighter and offer more precise motion control. We offer a wide range of brushless DC electric motors for small industrial and domestic applications.

How Do Brushless DC Motors Work?

DC brushless motors are like AC induction motors. An electric current creates a magnetic field which alternates between attracting and repelling another set of magnets, resulting in spin.

A brushed DC motor uses carbon brushes riding on a commutator to flip the polarity that causes the rotation. Brushless motors remove this apparatus in favor of an electronic controller that causes the rotor to rotate. The removal of the carbon brushes creates a higher efficiency with less wear. It also allows for a more compact design and quieter performance.

The Two Types of Brushless DC Motor Designs

There are two types of brushless DC motors: inner and outer rotor. Fundamentally they each work the same but come with different advantages and limitations.

Inner Rotor Motors

Inner rotor motors have the rotor (rotating element) rotating inside the stator (stationary element). These are the more typical looking motors with a shaft rotating in the center. The advantages of inner motors are:

  • Smaller size
  • Good in dynamic load situations
  • Run continuously for long periods
  • Higher power density
  • Efficient

Outer Rotor Motors

Outer rotor motors have the opposite design. The rotor is on the outside and spins around a stationary stator, located in the center. The advantages of an outer design motor are:

  • Shorter
  • More economical
  • Better in constant speed applications
  • Greater stability

Outer rotor DC motors tend to be the more popular design. We offer 6mm to 200mm inner and outer rotor brushless motors with the option of built-in or custom controls. We’d love to discuss your options in greater detail to understand which motor is best suited to your needs.

Brushless Motors Work in a Wide Range of Applications

Brushless motors are being used in an increasing number of applications. Because they are light, compact, quiet and powerful, they have advantages over other types of motors. Common uses include:

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