Automatic Door Operator Motors

Power Electric specializes in automatic door operator motors and gear motors. We have provided motors and gear motors for the commercial automatic door operator industry for years and our success lies in our long-standing focus on quality and value.

We focus on four commercial door operator applications:

  1. Slide Door Operators
  2. Swing Door Operators
  3. Overhead Door Operators
  4. Revolving Door Operators
Slide Door Operators

Electric sliding doors found in public buildings are designed to add customer convenience. Electric sliding doors on elevators are a requirement. Both types of electric sliding doors must operate quietly and efficiently, relying on the power behind its electric gear motor inside. Typical electric sliding doors are interior doors and may not need the IP ratings of exterior door use.

Swing Door Operators

Hospitals, clinics and retail locations will typically use an electric swing door. A rugged and durable gear motor that is quiet in operation is just as important as its longevity. Power Electric ensures the highest quality, durability and reliability and we work to continuously maintain and improve.

Overhead Door Operators

Also commonly referred to as garage door openers, we focus on commercial-grade operators for motor and gear motor applications. Motors and gear motors for these heavy doors must operate with precise torque and efficiency, be extremely reliable and durable and able to withstand environmental demands. Learn more on IP Ratings to discover what it means and contact us to discuss what’s right for your needs.

Revolving Door Operators

Electric revolving doors save energy by reducing the drafts of air that escapes through swing or slide doors. These types of doors also improve traffic flow in commercial areas. Revolving doors must be powered by a gear motor that meets energy efficient standards as well as have a long lifespan. Contact us to talk through how your revolving door operators can benefit from housing a Power Electric-sourced gear motor.

Power Electric works with automatic door operator equipment companies throughout the US, assisting customers with motor and gear motor solutions for their projects. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric motors or find support choosing the right product for your electric door operator applications by calling 763-383-6936.

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