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Work with the Food and Beverage Equipment Motor Experts at Power Electric

Electric motors and gear motors provide power for a surprisingly large number of the food and beverage machines used in restaurants and food packaging companies.. At Power Electric, we help manufacturers source electric motors for food and beverage equipment.

Proven Support for Your Food & Beverage Equipment Motor Needs

Selecting the proper motor for your specific application can be challenging but is crucial to the longevity and reliability of your equipment.

Our electric motor and gear motor experts help you identify and source the electric motor or gear motor that fit the unique requirements of food and beverage processing, handling, and packaging applications, including:

  • Sanitary requirements: Electric motors for food and beverage equipment applications must be adequately sealed or contained to protect against the chance of contamination. We partner with a range of manufacturers that offer motors adhering to food and beverage sanitation requirements.
  • Efficiency: Motors for food and beverage packaging applications must offer the utmost in efficient operations. Our experts help you select the motor that provides the most efficient operation to help you control manufacturing costs and maximize equipment uptime.
  • Reliability: Food and beverage equipment is often operated around the clock, making motor reliability of key importance. We offer advice on specific reliability factors such as the components, gear movement and more.
  • Moisture or splash proofing: Many food and beverage applications involve moisture or splashing liquids – motors for these applications must be capable of withstanding such conditions. Our manufacturing network includes a number of companies offering moisture and splash proof motors, allowing us to help you source the optimal motor for any application. We provide motors with various IP Ratings to match your exact requirements.
  • Operating temperature: Food and beverage equipment often operates at hot or cold temperatures. Motors for these applications must be capable of operating within the specified temperature range. We help you identify the proper motor for your unique application.

Our team will work with you to identify the specific requirements of your application before gathering quotes for motors that fit your unique needs and budget.

Superior Features
  • A Continuous Duty Cycle
  • Long Running Life
  • Washdown Resistant
  • Moisture or Splash Proofing
  • High Quality Seals
  • Non-Corrosive Shaft Materials
  • Durable Shaft Construction
  • Gear Case Lubricants per Application Requirements
  • Energy Efficient to Meet Energy Star Requirements
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range

Experienced Advice for a Number of Food and Beverage Applications

Since 1986, we have helped customers source electric motors and gear motors for a wide range of food and beverage equipment, including:

Hot Dog Cooker

Commercial Hot Dog Cookers

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Makers

Beverage Machine

Hot & Cold Beverage Dispensers

Contact Power Electric to Discuss Your Food and Beverage Equipment Motor Needs

If you are searching for electric motors for a food and beverage packaging, processing, or handling equipment, the staff at Power Electric can help. We offer the advice and logistical support you need for your specific application manufacturing. To speak with a member of our sales team, call 763-383-6936 or contact us online today.






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