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Dental Motors

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Dental professionals require tools that are powerful, efficient, and easy to maneuver in order to successfully treat their patients. At Power Electric, we understand the dental industry’s needs and provide motor solutions that fit the unique demands of dental surgeons and other dental pros.

Power Electric’s DC and brushless DC motors are excellent for dental equipment applications such as dental restoration tools, surgical tools, and dental lab equipment.

Power Electric’s dental motors are ideal for use in a wide variety of dental tools:

Power Electric Dental Motors are:

Compact design
Designed for comfort and low noise
Good power-to-weight ratio
Can be built to meet your exact torque needs
Optimized for speeds up to 2500 RPM
Long battery life

Why Choose Power Electric for Dental Motors?

We have more than 30 years of experience building OEM motors
and gear motors for dozens of applications, including in the dental field. We

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Power Electric is your partner for all your dental tool motor needs. We offer the advice, guidance and logistical support required to streamline motor sourcing for your operations. Contact our sales team today to get a free quote for your dental motor needs.

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