Brushless Electric Motors

High quality brushless motors designed specifically for your project.

Brushless motors first became commercially available in 1962 as an option to overcome some of the limitations of brushed DC motors. These motors are used in a variety of applications and are generally more efficient and feature a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear.

Brushless DC Motor
Trust Power Electric to design and manufacture brushless motors to meet your exact specifications. We offer 6 mm to 200 mm inner and outer rotor brushless motors with the option of built in or custom controlling features.
No matter your project’s requirements, we can customize a brushless motor to meet the needs of your application.
  • Assigned Power Rating
  • Nominal Voltage
  • Terminal Resistance
  • No Load Speed
  • No Load Current
  • Speed Constant
  • Torque Constant
  • Starting Current
  • Stall Torque
  • Maximum Output
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Maximum Current
  • Maximum Torque
  • Permissible Winding Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature Range
  • Weight

Advantages of Brushless Motors

Brushless motors offer multiple advantages over other electric motors because of their:
  • Extended life
  • Reduction of electrical noise
  • Elimination of sparking

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Power Electric brushless motors are sourced from many manufacturers around the world. It is our mission to provide value to our customers and we work to that mission to provide the right solution for your exact brushless motor requirements. Contact our sales team today to being a quote for your motor needs.