UL vs. UR Mark

UL Listed and UL Recognized markings are not the same. UL Listed indicates that the product meets industry and safety standards and has passed UL’s full battery of tests for the product’s intended use. Products that are certified to safety-related standards were evaluated against reasonably foreseeable safety-related hazards including fire, electrical shock, and mechanical issues. Typically, a UL listing applies to an item that can be used as a finished product, as opposed to a component that goes into a finished product.

UL Recognized applies to specific components that meet applicable industry standards and are typically used as a component within a finished product. These components are “Recognized” and may be suitable for factory installation into other equipment. The use of UL Recognized components makes it easier for a product to achieve and maintain a UL listing.

In short, UL Listed tends to be for complete devices that are ready to be purchased and installed, while UL Recognized is usually reserved for subcomponents. The use of UL Recognized components in a product saves time and expense in attain UL Listing.

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