Power Electric Supplier Vetting is Serious Business

We mean it when we say we offer proven consistency, quality and expertise in motor, gear motor and gearing design and engineering. This is done purposefully with contracted small motor suppliers across the globe through a vetting process established to uphold our high quality standards in the products we sell.

Each contracted manufacturer is required to go through the Power Electric vetting process to match our company requirements for quality, management, financials and manufacturing capabilities. These four steps provide insight into any future working relationship that will uphold the importance of high quality and best value.

  1. Initial audits of the factory, quality systems, management system, manufacturing capability and financials are performed on site.
  2. Once our thorough evaluation is completed through this audit, an initial product delivery is examined. We check control plans, work instructions and the quality of the products.
  3. Our quality team meets with factory leadership and walks through our grading system, discussing the relationship and solidifying contracts.
  4. Power Electric performs grading system audits annually, as detailed below, on each supplier to ensure they match our standards.

The Report Card

Our grading system is based on four factors defined below. Annually we’ll review every electric small motor supplier giving each area an individual score. Once completed, our suppliers are given these reports and the opportunity to improve.

  1. Quality
    1. RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization)
    2. CARs (Corrective Action Request)
    3. Responsiveness to RMAs and CARs
  2. Logistics
    1. On-time delivery
    2. Order fulfillment
    3. Payment terms
    4. Packaging – through minimizing and reusing when possible
  3. Responsiveness
    1. RFQs (new and existing)
    2. Order confirmations
  4. Cost
    1. Cost maintained

If a supplier fails to meet our minimum standards on the annual scorecard they are given the opportunity to improve their score through documented changes and the activity at factory level.


The Mission

Power Electric is committed to providing value to our customers through product knowledge, innovative programs and customer satisfaction. We uphold this mission through our frequent interactions with our suppliers to ensure high quality product with the best value.

Benefit from selecting the electric motor, gear motor or gears ideally suited to your needs. Connect with our in-house engineering experts for custom electric motors or find support choosing the right products for your application by calling 763-383-6936.


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