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Equipment used in the agriculture industry must be durable with the ability to operate in harsh environments for years to come. The motors and gear motors inside the equipment should reflect the same quality, built for high-efficiency use and optimum performance.

Power Electric offers sourcing services for agriculture motor and gear motor requirements. Whether you’re increasing your production or starting a new agriculture equipment project, we help you choose the highest quality solution for your needs.

Which Motor Should You Source for Your Agriculture Application?

When sourcing the materials you need for your agriculture motor or gear motor project, it’s important to understand which application you require a motor for. We’re here to help you with any type of agricultural application, including:

  • Grain conveyors: Used to move grain efficiently during harvest or loading, grain conveyors are used during farming and inside grain elevators and processing plants.
  • Agricultural transmissions: Farming vehicles such as sprayers, disks, balers and backhoe loaders require heavy duty, all season motors made from the highest-quality materials.
  • Sprayers: Agricultural sprayers are used to spray and dust crops and require motors that withstand moisture, humidity and various conditions.
  • Seeders: This type of equipment is used to place crop seeds into the ground throughout the year, requiring motors to run openers and seed packers.
  • Actuators: Also known as a “mover”, actuators are used as a component of a machine for moving and controlling a certain mechanism. They are used in fertilizer spreaders, seeding machines, combine harvesters and more.

Our team is available to help you define your application while providing guidance into the gear motor and motor sourcing that works best.


Manufactured for Quality and Agriculture Industry Standards

Power Electric is proud to be a source for your agriculture equipment gear motor requirements. Our motors are manufactured to meet demanding industry standards while remaining cost-effective and efficient for the long run.

Our team of experts is ready to help you find the best motor or gear motor for your project, sourcing from many manufacturers located all around the world. We do our best to provide the most options for your project, empowering your decision to choose what works best.

Features of Power Electric’s OEM Gear Motors for Agriculture Equipment:

IP Rated per application requirements


Inline, planetary, right angle, spur, hypoid, helical, spiral bevel, worm gear

Speed, Efficiency and Torque

Gearing Configurations

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