HVAC and Building Automation

Powerful and reliable motors and gear motors for use in the automated building controls industry.

We live in an automatic world and consumers seek out processes that make life simpler. Projector screen lift manufacturers, automatic shade companies, producers of louvers and HVAC control manufacturers all understand the importance of finding a supplier who will provide motor and gear motor solutions that meet exact specifications.

Trust Power Electric’s expertise in the HVAC industry and building automation industry for durable motor and gear motor solutions in:

Electric Shades and Blinds

White Boards and Projector Screens

Heating & Ventilation Controls


Work with Power Electric for your motor and gear motor solutions on your HVAC and building automation equipment.

Space Configuration Friendly

Cost Effective

Operating Quietly and Efficiently

Features of Power Electric’s OEM Motors and Gear Motors for HVAC and Building Automation Equipment:

Quiet and Efficient Operation

Continuous Duty Cycle


Energy Efficient to meet Energy Star Requirements

Long Running Life

Speed, Efficiency and Torque

Compact Size for Portability

Inline, Planetary and Right Angle