Commercial Equipment

Custom motors and gear motors to run your commercial office equipment, commercial lawn & garden equipment and more.

Motors are used a variety of commercial equipment applications. These motors must be durable enough to stand up to a variety of different environments and operating conditions while still meeting your bottom line and quality standards.

Find solutions to your motor needs with Power Electric’s custom
design capabilities for commercial equipment.

Examples of Commercial Equipment Include:



Lawn & Garden Equipment


Paint Shakers

3D Printers

Floor Care Equipment

Pool Pumps & Cleaners

Paper Shredders

Motorized TV Mounts

Work with Power Electric for your motor and gear motor solutions
on your commercial equipment:

Space Configuration Friendly


Quiet Operation

Speed, Efficiency, Torque

Features of Power Electric’s OEM Motors for Commercial Equipment Applications

Quiet Operation

Plastic Housing & Gears


Durability to Meet Application Requirements

High Precision Gears


Energy Efficient to Meet Energy Star Requirements

Ability to withstand extreme environmental factors

Encoders & Controls

Various Speeds

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Power Electric motors are sourced from many manufacturers around the world. It is our mission to provide value to our customers and we work to that mission to provide the right solution for your exact motor requirements. Contact our sales team today to being a quote for your motor needs.