What’s a Right Angle Gear Motor

What’s a right angle gear motor?

A right angle gear motor is used most often in applications where there are space constraints. The motor is expected to produce enough speed, torque and efficiency for its product and relies on the gears to help.


Let’s break it down by looking at the name of the motor itself.

  • Motor – convert energy to perform a task
  • Gear – toothed wheels that interlock with each other to give a machine more speed or power
  • Right angle – 90° turn
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There are several types of right angle gear motors offered by Power Electric.

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Worm gears look like a screw with threads that mesh with a larger gear. Several worm gear rotations per one gear rotation make this a great choice for single stage reduction speed needs.

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Planetary gears use several gear wheels to move the power of the central shaft of the motor similar to planets around the sun. Planetary gear motors perform best when high torque is needed.

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Helical gears are similar to spur gears except each tooth is cut at an angle. These angled teeth make for a quieter-running motor and reduce the load stress of the motor.

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Spiral bevel act much like a helical gear but are cut using a spiral-like tooth shape. These gears tend to be a quieter choice.

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Spur gears have teeth cut parallel to the shaft. If more than one gear is used speed reduction increases.

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Hypoid gears are similar to spiral bevel gears but do not intersect with the shaft. This allows installation of end bearings for more support.

Where are right angle gear motors used?

Right angle gear motors are used in medical applications, industrial equipment, material handling equipment, food conveyors and more.