Motor Mouth: Plastic Planetary Gear Motors


Plastic planetary gear motors can provide a wide range of gear reduction ratios in a compact package combining high strength, low noise and great value. These features make this gear motor a good choice in various applications, as detailed below.

Plastic planetary gearheads have one or more stages of gear reduction all in line with the motor shaft. Internal gears are made of plastic. The outer body or casing is also made of plastic. Like metal gear planetary gearheads, each stage has three or four gears in mesh, providing considerably greater strength than simple spur gearheads.


Advantages compared to Metal Planetary Gearheads
  • The plastic planetary gear motor body is lighter lowering the overall weight of the gear motor. Certain applications may have weight restrictions making this a great solution.
  • Plastic on plastic noise is quieter and not transmitted as loud as metal.
  • Plastic gearheads are very cost-effective to produce. Once tooling is completed for the exact design it takes very little time to produce in volume (assembly time remains the same).


Disadvantages of Plastic compared to Metal
  • Lower strength – can’t carry as much load.


Advantages compared to Metal Spur Gearheads
  • The plastic planetary gear motor is lighter than metal spur gearheads for the same reasons stated earlier – plastic material lowers overall weight.
  • Less noise is transmitted in plastic-on-plastic gearing.
  • Each stage has more reduction resulting in high reduction ratio with fewer stages making it a more compact gear motor. This is beneficial when size constraints exist.


Application Examples

Plastic planetary gear motors are a great option for many applications when value and/or noise are factors. These industries that may consider a plastic planetary gear motor:


Not everyone makes plastic gear planetary motors. Molding quality gears of plastic materials is very much a specialty. Power Electric works with top suppliers who specialize in unique plastic planetary gear motors. Contact us now to jointly develop a custom plastic planetary gear motor for your application.


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